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Two schools, many paths to competent Christian Leadership

What is MCS-Horizon?

MCS-Horizon represents the collaboration between the PAOC‘s two oldest schools—Horizon College & Seminary (1935) and Master’s College & Seminary (MCS – 1939). Aligning in 2024, these schools have joined to offer prospective Christian leaders innovative, accessible, and affordable pathways to develop or hone leadership competencies at both undergraduate and seminary levels, preparing leaders with the knowledge and skills to lead competently in professional ministry, co-vocational ministry, and marketplace contexts.

As Horizon and MCS step into this historic new phase, they invite the Christian community to join them in celebration. An FAQ page is available on each institution’s website, with a schedule of town-hall events for constituents to ask questions and learn more.

Undergraduate Pathways

Distributed Learning

MCS-Horizon uses a distributed learning model to give students multiple access points from which to learn. These include:

Main Commuter Campus

MCS-Horizon operates out of the PAOC International Office in Mississauga, which also serves as a major teaching campus. Accessible from the 401, 407, 403 and immediately off a GO-Train line, this campus is an easy commute for many in the greater Toronto area.

Church Hubs

Church Hubs

Students study while they serve at their own or another local church, immediately applying what they learn to real-world ministry. Hubs are scattered across central and eastern Canada and vary in size and type—some even include residence options.

Online Study

Almost all MCS-Horizon courses are accessible in real time through quality Live-Stream or accessible on your own time through Video-on-Demand. Students can complete a full program without ever setting foot in a hub or campus.

Co-Vocational +Plus Programs

MCS-Horizon offers multiple degrees that blend with Certificate and Diploma programs from community colleges, business schools, and polytechnics. Programs range from ministry-focused degrees like the BTh in Media Ministry or BTh in Pastoral Leadership to more marketplace-focused degrees like the BRE in Christian Studies and Support Services. With all Plus+ programs, students graduate with both a certificate or diploma from community college (places like Seneca, Centennial, Mohawk—and more) and a degree from Master’s College. See our list of program options here. If you don’t see something you like, talk to us about combining different certificates or diplomas that interest you!

MCS Plus Programs

Seminary Pathways

For those who already have an undergraduate degree or a ministry diploma, MCS-Horizon is pleased to offer multiple Master’s-level programs through two distinct seminaries.

Master's Pentecostal Seminary

Under the expert oversight of Dr. Van Johnson, Master’s Pentecostal Seminary (MPS) has partnered with Tyndale Seminary to invite students to deepen their understanding of Pentecostalism in an intellectually and faith-formative way. With classes accessible both in person and online, the MPS-Tyndale partnership enables students to earn a Graduate Diploma in Pentecostal Studies, an MTS in Pentecostal Studies, or an MDiv with a minor/concentration in Pentecostalism.

Horizon Seminary

As the PAOC’s only independently ATS-affiliated seminary, Horizon Seminary offers multiple accredited programs at competitive prices (under $995 per course). With all programs fully accessible online, Horizon Seminary includes students from across Canada (and beyond!). Seminary programs include the Certificate in Ministry Leadership, MA Biblical and Theological Studies, MA Clinical Pastoral Counselling, MA Ministry Leadership, and the Master of Divinity.

Mature Leaders & PLAR

Mature leaders without an undergraduate degree or ministry diploma but who have significant life and work experience might qualify for advanced standing in undergraduate programs or might be able to enter directly into a seminary program.

MCS and Horizon share nearly identical undergraduate programs and students are welcome to apply to whichever school they wish, but applications typically follow a different pattern depending on where you live and whether you’re in a church with the PAOC (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada) or a different church denomination.

PAOC students living in Ontario and east of Ontario typically apply to MCS and PAOC students in Saskatchewan Manitoba typically apply to Horizon.

Students with the Alliance, Church of God (Cleveland), Mennonite Brethren, Redeemed Christian Church of God, and other church denominations are mostly served through Horizon.

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More Questions?

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the partnership that forms MCS-Horizon.