Student life at MCS offers a unique experience. It is a place where you are surrounded by people who are hungry to know more of God. At MCS you will connect with students, staff, and faculty in ways that will bring you closer to Christ and that will enable you to grow spiritually, academically, and socially.

Under the new model, opportunities will be explored for ensuring that there are strong supports for students. Here you’ll find a list of support documents, policies and more.

College Catalogue 2023

International Student Handbook

Eldon Wright
Eldon Wright

Dean of Students
+1 (800) 295-6368 Ext. 226

Wendy Couper Ontario
Wendy Couper

Director of Student Life & Wellness
+1 (800) 295-6368

Academic Success

Academic Success Centre (ASC)

The Academic Success Centre (ASC) offers students of all years and programs a place to receive assistance, support, and encouragement in time management and organization, study skills, and writing skills. Special seminars are offered each semester. Students are also invited to meet with the Director of the Academic Success Centre or Tutor Mentors by appointment or through the drop-in hours.

The ASC also works one-on-one with students at any stage of the writing process, from pre-writing an outline to polishing a draft. The ASC tutoring service is provided free-of-charge to every student at MCS.

Academic Probation

If you’re accepted to MCS on Academic Probation, the Academic Success Centre is here to help. You’ll be required to take your major assignments to the ASC for input from our tutors before submitting these to your professors, and the ASC Director will determine the frequency of regular mandatory appointments.

Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)

If you come to MCS with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) from a previous educational institution such as High School, we are set up to support you. Our Educational Services staff are trained to work with you, and we will do our best to provide accommodations for your specific learning needs.

Wendy Holmes
Wendy Holmes

Director of the Academic Success Centre
+1 (800) 295-6368 Ext. 247

Accessible Learning Services & Accommodations

Accommodations are fundamental to support students with disabilities. While our supports and resources have some limitations, MCS will work to give students with disabilities access and the opportunity to succeed academically.

Students are responsible to ensure that MCS is aware of their request for accommodations. Students must provide the professional diagnosis and recommendations as outlined in the Medical Questionnaire. Note that student life and academic support is limited over the summer term.

Student Leadership

Over 40% of our student body is involved in the Student Leadership Cabinet and class executives each year. The Student Life department strategy is to have EVERY student on campus be involved in some area of leadership and/or service.

Whether you want to develop your leadership abilities, serve other students or the broader community, use your musical abilities or participate in sports, MCS has a place for you.

Use your musical, team-building, athletic, and technical skills as you serve on volunteer teams for social events, Yearbook, outreach and class committees—just to name a few. However you decide to get involved, we encourage you to explore the many possibilities that are available at MCS.

Student leadership roles give students opportunities to learn and implement practical concepts taught in the classroom, while practicing skills of administration, leadership, planning and programming. Your involvement at MCS also provides opportunities for you to connect with and be mentored by faculty and staff, who will be your greatest supporters.

Spiritual Growth

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Spiritual formation is an important value at MCS, and healthy spiritual development includes personal devotional time with God as well as in community with other believers. In addition to your own personal spiritual disciplines and practices, you’ll also have opportunities to meet in small groups and with the wider college community for moments of spiritual formation.

Student Wellness

The Student Wellness Centre supports the emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being of our students.

In the Student Wellness department, we strive to help students through one-on-one counselling, pastoral care, workshops, and focus groups.

We recognize that sometimes there may be issues that arise in our lives that need to be processed. Our department provides a warm, non-judgmental environment that is easy to access regardless of the circumstances. Our goal is to provide students with a toolbox of resources that they can use to help them continue on their journey of spiritual, emotional and physical health.

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